Logo: We see a scene from The Lion King 1 ½ where Timon is walking, but he hears a small footstep and looks back, as he sees the THX logo. Timon then begins to shiver in fear and walks backwards to a rock and says "Hello? Strange, but wise monkey?". He then jumps as he hears a bird cawing, but then the camera pans to the THX logo, where Tex flies to the camera. Timon then briefly breathes in and out, and then the camera pans to the grass behind Timon. As Timon looks back, Tex appears in front of him. Timon, in fear, then jumps off the rock and runs for his life as Tex goes to the "X". As Timon continues running for his life, Tex appears in front of him again, but this time, with the Moo Can from the Tex 2: Moo-Can trailer. Timon then screams as Tex goes to the "X" to get the plug and goes to the camera, where he plugs in the Moo can and shakes it slowly. Timon then screams as the THX logo appears sliding up from the middle of the screen to nearly the top, with the background turning blue while a loud song-like moo begins to play. Timon then screams again as the THX logo begins to rumble and shake. Tex sees this, and he nervously flies off with the can and the plug. The THX logo jolts to the left side for a moment before going back to it's normal position while Timon screams for one more time. And, like the Moo Can logo, the black screen with the text "The Audience is Listening" falls to the screen. 

A similar Lion King 2 THX trailer featuring Cub Kovu and Baby Kiara was also made. In it, the two are having a romantic moment together playing peekaboo and hide and seek. Kovu tells Kiara that she is beautiful and adorable and that he would be sad if Nala never gave birth to her (or if Simba and Nala never conceived her). Kiara babbles to him, and then she starts giggling as he kisses her on the cheek and tells her that he loves her. And, the black screen with the text "The Audience is Listening" makes an appearance, as Kion is heard shouting at Kovu "Don't you dare come near my baby sister, you Outlander! Backstabber, keep away from my treasure!".